Specialty Programs

Providing a complete healthcare solution

Our specialty care programs are designed to provide you and your loved ones the necessary tools to help improve the mind and body for overall wellness.

Wound Care Program

Our Team of Professionals includes Certified Wound Care Consultants and Wound Care Specialists. All the licensed nurse are trained and competent in wound assessment, treatment, and coordinating with physicians. We have a weekly wound conference with wound care consultants.

Respiratory Therapy

Provides setup and instructions on the operation of respiratory devices including oxygen and ventilators, tracheostomy care and education, determine requirements for treatment in coordination with the physician, and assess patient’s responses to therapy.

Psychiatric Nursing

Involves evaluation of patient’s mental and behavioral condition to determine proper treatment in coordination with the physician to guide patients in their journey to mental wellness.

Consultation and Treatment

Consultation and Treatment Recommendations

Acute wounds, chronic non-healing wounds, Lower extremity ulcers, Pressure ulcers, Compression therapy, Advanced wound dressing and devices. Mechanical, Chemical, Autolytic debridement, Fistula Management. Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (Wound Vacuum).

Nutrition Consulting

We provide assistance to patients with nutritional problems performed in accordance with physician’s order.

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